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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Morning Surprise

I cleaned out all of the spent hay from the coop Saturday during the remodel but didn't have a chance to put any back in before the ladies put themselves to bed, so first thing Sunday I headed up to the coop with a fresh bail of hay.

This is what I found.
(The white egg is from the grocery store. Its what we farmers call a "nest egg". I'm kidding about the we farmers part. I just read that in my book, The Joy of Keeping Chickens.)

I am immediately wearing a big grin and am super excited. But then I think - Would he? He might... He wasn't outside this morning though. I unlocked the door... So I held my breath for a second, calmed down - a little and ran down to the house.  There is no evidence, like a sweatshirt or shoes by the door, that Aaron went outside before me.

Me: Aaron, did you go outside this a.m.? {It is pretty cold out this morning, and Aaron is still in pajamas and bare feet.}
A: No, why?
Me: How many eggs did you make our breakfast with this morning?
A: I used 4.
Me: Did you finish all of the eggs from Dwight?
A: No, there was one left and its in with the grocery store eggs.
Me: {at the fridge with the egg carton and a big grin}
A: Why?
Me: We have an Egg! Come look! Come on!

This is how the first egg from my Cinnamon Queen's stacks up. The white one on the left is from the store. The small tan one on the right is from Dwight. And the one in the middle, the one that is as big as the Grade A Large White - that is my first egg!

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