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Monday, November 15, 2010


Maybe my chickens aren't laying eggs because they are haunted by the spirits of the flock that once resided in the yard, or what makes me even more sad, the hen I lost earlier in the summer.

Aaron enjoys watching shows such as A Haunting and Paranormal State. He thinks they are interesting.  Me? I prefer programs like Mystery Diagnosis and I Survived.

Last night I watched at least 4 episodes of Paranormal State with him. I don't think I blinked or moved between commercial breaks. If I did move, it would have been to get a tighter grip on the blanket that was keeping me safe.

Surprisingly I was able to fall asleep without being wide-eyed with super sonic hearing. However, in the middle of the night I had to use the bathroom. Everything was ok until I crawled back in bed and saw a light coming from the hall. I whispered loudly, "Where is that light coming from?" kind of freaked out. Aaron grumbled back, "The bathroom."

Maybe there are some feathered spirits up there. Maybe that is why I was afraid to go in the coop for so long. Maybe I'll make Aaron go back there with me from now on.

I'm kidding. Or at least I was when I started writing.


  1. Hilarious...I love this story and I was there.

  2. On another note....don't you (posters) just love the security words that you have to type in to make a post today I have had ones like swest and ssepiouh (or something like that)

  3. Aaron, I think you meant Commentators. Or are you posting something I should know about?
    But when I comment back, I have to type them too.