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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now Showing

The previous owners of our house were quite the horticulturist by hobby. One of the best things they left behind for us (besides the riding mower) is a map of all of the plantings around the property. The first spring we experienced in the house was one blooming surprise after another.

Elizabeth and Jonah had planted daffodils, tulips and iris in the same bed. So first thing in the spring the daffodils peek through and they gracefully give way to the tulips which bow out just in time for the iris.

Admittedly the beds got away from us for a while, but since our landscaping fairy has been making weekly visits, things are starting to look under control again.

What? You don't have a landscape fairy? Keep some snacks, a friendly dog, and a nice relaxing place to ponder life or take a nap and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I'll give you my mom's number.



Hostas that made it through the winter in pots on the porch.

Garlic! It was starting to sprout in the window sill so I stuck it in soil.


Different Hosta

Signs of life from a Hibiscus that resembled a stick for a long time. I'm pretty excited about it.



Candy Tuft

Giant Carpenter Bee. Perhaps a Queen?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One - the lonliest number.

After unsuccesfully trying to open the egg carton from the hinged side and cracking the lone egg in there, our carton still only contains one egg. Before you pass too much judgement on me and my coordination: it was one of the clear plastic, tri-fold cartons. So technically both sides are hinged. But, whatever. That is not the point. The point is: over the last 2 or 3 days only one egg has been produced between 2 chickens.

"Eggs" might soon make its way back on the grocery list. How sad.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Analogous to Laundry

Since it is now officially spring I thought it was time to switch up the appearance of the ol' blog. I don't think I am quite satisfied with it so you may see a few more "outfit" changes in the near future.

When I was younger, as in 20 years ago*, 10 years ago, and probably last week, I had this habit of not being satisfied with what I was wearing so I would change my clothes in rapid succession until I had a pile of unfolded laundry. Luckily, with the digitalness of this medium, I don't have to re-fold anything(let's be real: wad and return to the closet), there is no mess left behind. 

*It is really alarming that I can say I did something 20 years ago and have a clear memory of it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

It doesn't add up

Aaron, Charlie and I went to Tryon, NC this weekend along with my mom and her dog. We were there to visit and to celebrate my nephew's 7th birthday. We went bowling.

Zac, the birthday boy

Before we left on Friday afternoon I made sure Kathy and Eleanore had enough food and water for the weekend. I also packed a carton of eggs to take to Tryon, leaving us just a few in the fridge. But, I figured, 2 birds, spring weather, an egg a day... 4 eggs upon our return.

I was mistaken. 1 egg. 1. Just one. I don't understand. These are young birds. Seemingly content birds. At the very least I would have expected 2 eggs. Maybe they are lonely...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stormy Weather

The unusual-for-most-years-thunder-storm-in-the-winter that we had last night, reminded me that I documented some from the night of the other, more intense weather we had a couple of weeks ago.

My mom likes to ask: "Where were you when the lights went out?"
Answer: In the dark.

Charlie was on the couch though, pinning my legs down while the thunder, lightening, and wind kept him alert (i.e. scared).

No electricity. No Internet service.
Yet, we are still able to check the radar. (Air card)

This is how far I got with my emergency preparedness. I had already changed in to my pajamas so I figured I might want real pants to pick up the pieces if it came to that. My purse - there is important information in there. You gotta watch out for looters! Sneakers - like I said, I was in PJ's so I didn't have shoes on either. My phone - pretty self explanatory. And pillows - to cover my head with while I wrapped my body around either the toilet or the pedestal sink so I didn't fly away when the roof came off. One of those was for Aaron. I figured we could wedge Charlie between us.
Luckily, we survived unscathed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Difference a Day Makes

Ok, so it is probably more like The Difference a Fortnight Makes...
either way here is what is in bloom this week.

Red bud budding red

Those baby grape hyacinth buds grew up so fast!

An assortment from the backyard

and the front.

This is one of my favorite spring time plants to see.

Oh look, more daffodils. These are smaller though and have 3 blossoms per plant.

And of course, Charlie.

Resisting Temptation

Chick Days are back at Tractor Supply.

If there had been glass around them, I would have left smudges from my face. Fortunately they were just fenced off so I could peek over and say "awww" and have a little girl tantrum in my head while I reasoned myself out of purchasing young birds.

They are just so darn cute. And the little peep peep peep's and chirp chirp chirp's...

I don't know how to take care of chicks, and though I could learn, at Tractor Supply you have to buy at least 6. The existing coop would get really crowded really fast. I'm not sure how Kathy and Eleanore would feel about that.