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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Associated Humor

Sunday night, Aaron, Suzie (my mom) and I went to join (in-laws) Sharon, Glenn, Amanda and Emily at Amanda's church.

Yep, she has her own. What can I say? Some people have coops, some people have churches.

The Cokesbury-ans, put on a lovely Thanksgiving special with a lot of very good music and a good message. After the service we all went to dinner.

While we were sitting at the table, in a rare moment of quietness, Aaron says, "Does everyone know, Lauren?"

The other 5 faces turn my direction and I draw a blank. I am kind of nervous. The internal monologue starts, "What are they supposed to know? Oh geez, they think I'm pregnant. I'm not pregnant. Am I? No. No I'm not pregnant. What am I supposed to tell them?"

A: "About the chickens..."

Me: "Oh! Right. Yes. My chickens. I got my first egg!"

I don't know how much the humor conveys if you weren't there. But we laughed and laughed.

And "b.t.dub" as Amanda says - I got a second egg yesterday.


In case you aren't familiar with instant or text message lingo; BTW is shorthand for By The Way. I suppose since the name of the letter W is some what cumbersome to pronounce, it gets nicknamed Dub.

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