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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its about that time

...That time of year when I say "Isn't it too early for these decorations?" But along with the question comes this statement: "Thank You very much whoever brought in the ooey gooey treat for the break room!"

Why is it that people tend to bake more in the fall and winter? Is it really the holidays? Maybe. I know why I do. I bake for several reasons.

1. Make the house smell good.
2. So I can eat/lick the dough/batter.
3. Heat the house with the leftover warmth from the oven.

This time of year though, I usually feel the need to make specific things. Every year around Halloween I get the urge to make my Grandma (pronounced Gramma) Churchill's peanut butter and chocolate fudge. That is what she made for Halloween so it just seems right. I have resisted this urge in recent years. Although, I did buy a piece while we were in Savannah. It was good, but it just wasn't the same.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, its the Pumpkin Roll that begs to be made. Grandma Churchill also made that.

My Grandma (also pronounced Gramma) Bitter, she makes the best Brown Bread. I've never tried to make it myself. But, she is coming to TN for Thanksgiving this year. So if she doesn't make it before she makes the trip, maybe I'll get to help her.

You know what would make these recipes really special? Fresh Eggs! Not that I have any.

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