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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Burning Question

Some of the 4 of you might be wondering...
Do you, like, even have chickens anymore?

I do. Nothing really exciting is going on, though.

I feel a  blog transition coming on. Get excited. Or just be ho hum. It is up to you.

I'll get excited though.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I think we need more arrows.

Did you know that there are stores that will buy gold?
Did you know that there are places that sell pizza?
Did you know these things before or after you saw the person dancing with the yellow arrow?

I knew before.

Still, I think we could use more arrows.

I think it would really clear things up.

You know, just to be sure.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In or Out

A few mornings ago I decided to make some eggs over medium for breakfast. One of the yolks broke upon entry to the pan. In a true moment of zen, I calmly started to scramble the eggs in the pan. (Sometimes when I want a fried egg, I want a fried egg, and a broken yolk can ruin a fair portion of my day. I am a little high strung on occasion.)

The yolks and the whites aren't exactly becoming homogeneous since I am mixing with a spatula and not the usual whisk or fork, yet amazingly I am embracing this two color combination and just being careful that everything cooks and isn't slimy. 

On a regular scrambled egg basis I whisk a couple of eggs in a bowl with a fork or small whisk. I whisk the heck out of those eggs, pour them into the pan and then move around with a spatula. (Not a scraper spatula, a flipper spatula - just to be clear).

Action shot - just in case you had trouble imagining my scrambled egg prep.
Well, ladies and gentleman... things are about to change here. My fried egg faux pas was a total game changer. I couldn't believe how much better the texture was. And I didn't even have a problem in the first place. From now on I will be an In Pan Scrambler. Unless I want cheesy scrambled eggs. That is a different ball game.

Where do you scramble? In or out?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Once Upon a Jog

Things I notice when I am out on foot.

Extreme Big Wheeling - quite a parking job!

What for/four? (Get it?)

One of my favorite houses on the route. (I think it might be for sale...)

My training partner.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Climate Controlled Cucumbers

I like to eat cucumbers better than I like to eat zucchini. 
From the looks of my "garden" you would not be able to deduce that.
Cucumber plants
Zucchini Plants

The seeds were planted the same day in the same soil. 
The pictures taken from roughly the same height.
I am/was under the impression that it can get too hot to sow seeds, so I thought I would see what kind of growing conditions our office offered.

 It didn't take long for these to sprout up.
 They are still growing strong in the small pot. Hopefully the transplant into the garden goes well. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I should remember...

but usually don't:

1. I enjoy running. I really do. Especially in the morning before the rest of the world is out disturbing the wildlife and fog. (I accidentally just typed God - Sleep in why don't ya! You are disturbing God! Oops) This also includes remembering how I feel for the rest of the day and my improved coping abilities. 

2. I should stop reading the article when the article ends and not keep reading the opinions of people that seemingly have nothing better to do than comment on an article or comment on a comment on an article. What exactly are you trying to prove in this informal publishing medium with bad grammar?

3. Where I park my car. Yep, still struggling with that one.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Chick-Fil-A

Dear Chick-Fil-A,

I love your milkshakes but that is not why I am writing.

I would like to address the misspellings on your billboards. I realize that it is a far fetch that if cows could indeed spell that they would spell correctly, however, I think it sets a poor example. A lot of people read your signs - well done on that front - but sadly, not everybody that reads your signs knows that the spelling is incorrect and therefore will probably repeat it.

It appears that Chick-Fil-A is involved in several school programs. Why not continue to project the company's support for education and spell the messages from the cows properly?

Thank you for your time. I will gladly accept any coupons at my home address.


Lauren Myers

P.S. Nice work on the Spicy Chicken too!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Every morning while I am still in bed coaching myself to wiggle my toes and stretch my fingers, Aaron is in the living room subjecting himself to the morning news and weather. (Frankly, I don't think Twitter feeds or Facebook posts are news, but I won't get into that.) The particular station that Aaron watches has a weatherman that could easily be a vampire (old school, not the modern Twilight kind) or a double for Count Dracula given the right cape. The particular station that my alarm is set to features a younger meteorologist with a weather photo gallery with a title that rhymes.

Aaron's main meteorologist tends to report the temperatures for the day as higher/hotter or lower/cooler than NORMAL. 
Normal: conforming to the standard or the common type.

My man on the radio (who is also on TV) reports the temperature fluctuations as deviations from the AVERAGE.
Average: a quantity, rating, or the like that represents or approximates an arithmetic mean.

Aaron corrects Count Dracula every time. Loudly. I don't know why he doesn't just change the channel. But I am glad he doesn't because it serves as my auxillary alarm so I know when it is really time to get up.

While filling out a form for a doctor's appointment the other day Aaron had to fill in the "Race/Ethnicity" blank. We have all had to do this. Technicially though, aren't we all the same race - human? So, ok, that one is a gimme since we aren't filling out a form for the veterinarian. Ethnicity - White. Done. Wait! If you are white are you white hispanic or white non-hispanic? Or if you prefer I can say Caucasion. I heard a comedian ask where Caucasia was becuase he wanted to visit the motherland. Makes sense to me.
This is where I am stumped. If you are from Puerto Rico, you're Puerto Rican. If you are from Africa, you are African. If you are from Europe, you are European. You see where I am going? According to a form I'm white. But where am I from? Wherever it is, it doesn't get much sun!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What to do? What to do?

"The barrio, Carbon Beach. What to do, what to do?"

This line from one of my favorite movies (Spanglish) keeps running through my head. It has been for about a month. Never mind the barrio or Carbon Beach. Just pretty much What. To. Do. ?

Things, life in general, are going pretty darn good. I have had many a time when they weren't. So, while I am thankful for this calm, uneventful part of my life, I am also itching for change.

Sometimes I feel like things get a little stagnant and I need to shake them up. When this happens I decide I am going to make drastic external changes like dying my hair or getting it cut. Drastic usually amounts to nobody can tell the difference but I feel like I went caaraaazy.

Right now though, I can pin exactly what it is I want to change, what it is I NEED to change. I have been and am taking the appropriate steps to make this change happen (this is not about baby making, weight loss, a new house/car etc...), but while I wait I still feel like things are the same. Because, well, they are.

But I want change!

So what am I doing? Thinking about rearranging the furniture.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The days of May (and the 3rd of June)

I collected 19 eggs in May and remembered to bring 17 of them to the house! The other two I set in the grass while I watered some plants and forgot about them for 2 days. Oops.

In other news, Aaron and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday. This past year was one of my favorites as husband and wife in our bwessed awangement.

I didn't make this. I found it on Etsy and it already had our initials. One day I might buy it.