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Monday, November 29, 2010

(Parts of) Thanksgiving Weekend (mostly) in Photos

This is the clock in my car Thursday a.m.

Aaron and I were heading to Fleet Feet. Aaron to run in the Hot to Trot and myself to volunteer. This is what runners look like volunteering at 5:30 in the a.m.

This was an accidental shot of the post race snacks. Came out better than any of my intentional shots.

Here is Eric finishing 6 miles before breakfast on Thanksgiving a.m...

And Emily, she finished her 3 miles...

and Aaron, finishing his 6...
And this guy... I really hope that isn't his pink jacket.

(Sorry, you'll have to use your imagination for a while...)
After the race we returned home.
Around noon we went to visit my mom, Grandma Bitter, Aunt Paula and cousin Russell.
We ate brown bread.
After a little while we headed to the newly weds house to have Thanksgiving dinner with:
-Brace yourself, this is going to be a doozie.-
Grandma Phyl
Papaw Jake
Spencer's Girlfriend
Caitlin's Boyfriend
Uncle Mark
Aunt T

While we were at dinner my aunt sent a picture to me. It was a picture of 2 eggs in a nest. The caption read, "Guess where I am?"

Friday's breakfast.
(Look, Melis! I finally get to use the cartons you decorated for me!)

 The scrambled picture didn't look so good, but the eggs sure tasted good.

After breakfast Emily and Nick came over with their two chihuahuas to house/dog/mini farm sit for us.
I had already given the ladies fresh water and more food so Emmie and Nick didn't have to worry about them too much or at all if they weren't comfortable doing it. Who could blame 'em? They have heard every chicken chasing story we have.

Then Aaron and I headed across the mountains to North Carolina to spend the weekend with my dad. His birthday was Sunday.

This is the view I had while my dad was hauling me in "Little Bertha" from next door.
I had one of those -Not much has changed- moments. It was good.
We returned home Sunday afternoon to 1 Emily, 1 Nick,  2 little dogs, 1 big dog, 2 hens and 4 eggs.

Who wants to guess if the laundry is put away yet?

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