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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Bag

"What in the world is in that BAG? What you got in that BAG?"
(He is a Rap Artist for those of you who may not know AND...  you are welcome to those of you that know the song and now have it stuck in your head.)

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you got to attend a birthday party of one of your friends/classmates and they had goody bags for you? Those were the best.

This past weekend I got a goody bag for being in a wedding party. It looks a lot like this:
Actually, it looks exactly like this. This is THE goody bag!

Hmmmn, what do we have here?

A pair of scented, gripper socks,

A set of smell-good-stuff in one of my favorite scents,

and a pretty necklace to wear with my Bride's Matron's dress and then whenever I please.

Thanks, Bride. Thanks, Bride's Mama.

***** CHICKEN ***** and/or ***** EGG ***** UPDATE *****

Egg Count: 0 (probably - It was dark and raining when I got home.)
Hen Count: 2 (hopefully - like I said T'was a dark and stormy night)

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