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Monday, October 18, 2010


I wrangled some trees, shrubs, briars and brush this weekend trying to let some more light into the coop and the yard. Our property looks better, but the yard of the coop is still pretty shaded. My friend, Emily, (with whom I had lunch with today at Mediterranean Delight) has a friend who keeps chickens and that friend said I should have eggs by now.

D'white brought in his first full dozen and showed them off this morning. They are beautiful.  Tans, browns, greens, whites... all slightly different in size. His flock of 25 or so are producing 7 eggs a day right now. I'm a little jealous, but mostly, I am concerned I am doing something wrong.

In a few minutes I am going to swing by Tractor Supply and look for a solar powered light that I can install in the hen house. Scratch that. I just looked them up to see how much it would cost and saw that they are only available online. So much for almost instant gratification.

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