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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DollyWood - more fun than work!

Melissa, Alan, Haley, and Zac took me to Dollywood.
It was my first time there.
But, NOT my last.

Haley to a little girl and her dad - "You have to be 42 inches or 48 to go on this"
The Dad - "Well, she isn't 48."
Little Girl - "I'm 6!" 

Do you see this? This never happens. I tricked him.
(Nice camera work, Melis!) 

"Mommy, you never let us have cookies."

"Aunt Lauren, put your camera away."


  1. Great pictures! Didn't see any pictures of the chickens - are they not allowed to go to Dollywood? Poor girls!!!

  2. Nope, their days are all work, no play.