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Thursday, October 14, 2010

F. U. N. E. X.?

D'white told me on Monday that he got his first 2 eggs this weekend. He said they were kind of small, but that the first ones usually are. He also informed me of a family rule that I might adopt for the Myers Mini Farm. If an egg is just too small, you have to throw it over the house.

Sometimes I feel the need to throw things. However, I realize it is socially unacceptable in most situations and therefore maintain self control. Tantrums may not be pretty, but on occasion, I think they might just be necessary.

For now, the only eggs I have are in the fridge and they came from the store. I am actually a little surprised that I am not overly anxious to collect fresh eggs. That doesn't mean I won't hoot, holler, skip and jump when I get one, it just means I have more patience than I thought.

Did you get it yet? F. U. N. E. X.? I had to ask the sender of the text message to decode for me. My mind really started to wander.

    FU        NE     X?
(eff yoo) (en ee) (ex)
  have you any eggs?

He didn't come up with it himself. If his kids hadn't told him, he wouldn't have known either.

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