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Thursday, October 21, 2010

House Guests

This past weekend my dad came from the great state of NC to visit with us. I made sure there were fresh washcloths and towels available, clean sheets on the guest bed, and enough groceries to tie him over before everybody else was ready for breakfast.  For the most part my dad is a pretty self sufficient guest.

This is probably my favorite picture of the two of us. I still wish I could fit there. It would look pretty ridiculous if I tried that now. We are about the same height and sadly I think I outweigh him now. (That is something we both need to work on. The man cannot keep weight on. And I... well, I cannot keep off the couch.)

Myles on the other hand... Myles is my dog-in-law and he is neeeeeeeeeeeeedy. He knows where the food is, knows where the treats are but still insists on having someone get them for him. Even if it isn't time. My relationship with Myles has been a rocky one. He has single-pawedly (with no help from Charlie whatsoever) destroyed a comforter, a tablecloth, a brand new futon mattress, a wind chime still hanging from a tree, a fiber optic Christmas tree and small glass ornaments. Oh yeah, and he once jumped through one of the screen windows into the sunroom.

I know what you are thinking - TACKY! A futon and a fiber optic Christmas tree?

Recently though, Myles has been much better behaved when we are not home to immediately service his needs. And I reward him with praise and affection. He is always a little nervous though - separation anxiety I think. If he isn't busy eating to cope with his emotions, he is pawing at us. Weaving around us like a cat, except less content. If a limb is unreachable for him to paw at, he paws at the door frame, the couch, the cabinet with the dog treats...

Charlie was a very gracious host Tuesday night and shared his toys with Myles. I can't say Loofah Doug was too thrilled about the situation but he kept a smile on his face the whole time.
Please note the number of limbs on the hedgehog.

Don't let this image fool you. He is not as innocent as he seems.
This picture is right on, see how he looks worried?

Wait a minute... Charlie - what is that hanging from your mouth?


So, all of the photographic evidence points to Charlie at this point, but I assure you, he did not behead Loofah Doug by himself. He just took it upon himself to finish the field dressing.


  1. When we first got Bella our house looked like the horrific site of a dog toy genocide luckily she finally calmed down :)

  2. I love the picture of you and your daddy! I haven't seen it before. Now I am off to eat dinner with your Grandmother. We are going to tear the head off of some Mexican food!

  3. Amanda - A dog toy can last for months if Charlie is playing with it by himself. If Myles or Rosie (my mom's dog) come over to play its a different story.

    Aunt P - I think we are at Uncle Dan's house in Beacon Falls. Do you recognize the yard?