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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

I called Aaron this morning while I was driving to the gym to tell him "Happy Columbus Day!". He laughed. He said that was the first time anybody has ever told him that. I'm pretty sure that is the first time I have ever said it.

Things I remember about Columbus Day:
  • Nina
  • Pinta
  • Santa Maria
  • Queen of Spain
  • World is round
  • Poop deck
I think the first 5 are pretty self-explanatory.
In celebration of Columbus Day, Mrs.Geddes, (my second grade teacher) had drawn the outline of a ship on the chalkboard. She taught us names of the different parts of the ship like the mast and the hull. She also taught us about the poop deck. In second grade, that was both shocking and extremely funny.  After the lesson we went outside with sidewalk chalk. We were instructed as groups to draw the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. I guarantee each rendering had a poop deck if nothing else.

I would like to add "Eggs" to the list of things I remember.

Maybe the ladies aren't producing eggs yet because they don't have names. I have heard that dairy cows with names are more productive than their nameless counterparts. Whether it is due to the name itself or the way a named cow is treated vs an unnamed cow... that is another discussion. So, from now on the Cinnamon Queen with tail feathers shall be named Isabella, and the hen without, Nina.

There. I expect 2 eggs when I get home.


  1. One additional thing you can add for Columbus day is a full month of blogging. I am not sure if you blogged every day, but 32 blogs is good work. So I will congratulate you on a month of blogging.

  2. Yes, 32 posts is a good start and there is definately an increase in posting frequency from August to October 11th. As for the names of said hens, are you going to shorten Isabella to Bella after a character from... (that movie that I can't quite think of, the one that you are making Aaron watch)? If so, I will have to refer to her as Queen Tail Feathers. If not, I think I can go with Isa.

  3. First of all, husband in law, I am not making him watch it. And no, I am not naming any of my pets from movies - at least not any movies that don't star Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal.