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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Protector

This is our dog.

His name is Charlie.
Sometimes we call him Charlie.
A lot of the time we call him other things.
Look at his keen sense of smell in action.
(He might actually be enjoying a breeze.)

I am trying to make it an evening routine to take Charlie up to the coop with me. He isn't aggressive toward the ladies and they don't seem to mind his presence too much.
I hope that his scent will be a deterrent to predators.
It has driven me away a time or two.
(Just kidding, Buddy.
I'll be home soon.)

-----------------CAUTION: Rambling-------------

Aaron must have put his collar on him this day*. I always make sure the "T" 's are right side up. Not so much for luck or superstition, more of a tick. 

*I used to think it was unusual, but it actually makes some sense... Aaron or I take Charlie's collar off before going to bed. It originally started to put him in stealth mode because his tags were so noisy. Now it is part of our daily routine:
Collar comes off.
Charlie receives (more) much needed affection.
He wags.
 Things wind down for the night. 
In the a.m...
  "Charlie, time to get dressed!"
He wags.
And does a final down dog.
The collar goes back on.
He wags.
We're all ready to face the day.

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  1. Yes, Chuck is quite the protector... he will beat you to death wagging of his tail or drown you trying to lick your face. I guess I need to bring Myles over to see how he likes the hens. I am sure we will want to get them to come out and play :-D. We too have the collar routine at our house, but Myles' collar usually comes off when we get home so that we don't have to worry about it once we put Ally down. Great pictures of your regal begal (lab).