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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Hail

About a year ago a real nasty storm swept through Knoxville as well as many other cities and states in the southeast. This real nasty storm brought rain, high winds, hail, etc.

Some friends of mine were out of town and I offered to check on their digs while they were gone. One evening I stopped by around 6 to collect the mail and visit the cats for a bit. A cell had already moved through so I assessed the property and sent a text giving the all clear.

A few hours later after another cell, a stonger cell, had moved through but things didn't seem too bad at our house despite the limbs and quarter sized hail.  I figured a neighborhood 6 miles away couldn't have seen weather all that different...

Upon my return I found out just how much difference 6 miles makes. A tree had crashed down on top of the pergola that crashed down on the gutters, that collectively crashed into the kitchen doors, and finally crashed into the patio that cracked under all that crashing.

As it has almost been a year I figured I should probably call somebody to come take a look at our roof and check to see if we really had any damage or not. Some of the neighbors made claims but I still didn't think much of it... until the roofers came and they showed me... and then again yesterday when the insurance rep left chalk circles all over my shingles and gutters.  We have damage.

Fortunately we also have insurance. Hooray insurance!

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