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Monday, April 30, 2012


Charlie found something in his yard very intriguing Friday evening. He was nosing around in the flower bed with more excitement than usual and it caught my attention. I watched him for a little bit and didn't approach until I saw him trying to put something in his mouth. Then I intervened.

I saw these little gray bodies wiggling around. I picked up 2 of them before thinking about if their mother would have an issue with that. 2 of these little things fit in one hand. They reminded me of tiny hippopotamus with their wide hips, sleek gray bodies and round ears. They are too big to be mouse or mole babies and not enough tail. They're bunnies!

This is what they look like, but this isn't my photo.

One of the games we play with Charlie centers around rabbits. It goes a lot like this:

"Charlie, Get the bunny!"
"Charlie, Where's the bunny?"
Bwuff bwuff pant.
"Get that bunny, Charlie"
Squeeling, Barking, Running from door to door.
"Are you gonna get it? Are you gonna get that bunny?"
Bark bark bark step step step
Open the door and "Charlie, you get me that bunny!!!"

Then Charlie tears out of the door and up to the backyard full speed ahead. Usually the chase ends when said bunny enters the woods and we call him back, praising him for protecting our yard.

So now we have a rabbit den in Charlie's yard. He has been keeping watch over it - as close as he can get anyway. I have it fenced off so he won't get into it, but so mama can hopefully get back in and feed her babies. Yesterday he was laying in front of the fence just looking, waiting and occasionaly barking, as if trying to get them to come out and play. At least, that is what I am going with. Playing.

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