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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madness of March

I didn't count the tallies for March. I was too disapointed. Amazingly enough, April is off to a great start.  As of yesterday afternoon I had collected 5 eggs. 4 of these I found in the "other" nesting box. All of this time, with the exception of perhaps last month when it never occured to me to check there, Kathy and Eleanore had only been using the box closest to my access door.

I don't know what prompted the change, and I don't know when they made it. I don't know if one hen is using one and the other hen the other... I just don't know. I don't know how many eggs I could have collected that I didn't know were there or how long they had been there or just exactly where they went because they aren't there now. No se'.

I do know that I bought a carton of eggs for the first time in a long time on my last trip the grocery store. And then I found 4 eggs.

Do you think hens celebrate April Fools? Good one, Ladies. Ya got me. Now get back to work!

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