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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids in the yard

A few weeks ago a coworker's father's goats had babies. One goat had triplets, one goat birthed twins, and the other popped just one out.

I would love (I think) to have a couple of goats. Although, I don't know how my neighbors would feel about it. Nevermind what the city thinks!  Aaron insists if we are to get goats they are to be of the fainting kind.

Instead of 4-legged kids in our yard, we have had a few visits recently from the 2-legged kind.

Ally Wally (Allyson) didn't get in on any sprinkler action with Zac and Haley but she likes to visit the chickens. In fact, I missed her just last night because I was at the grocery store. Stupid grocery store.

Ok -Pity party over. These kids are pretty cute too. And you don't have to watch your step for droppings!

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