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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Diagnosis

(Have you ever watched that show? I love it. Of course, there aren't many programs on Discovery Health that I don't like.)

For the last couple of weeks I have been noticing the Eleanore hasn't quite been herself. Her tail feathers haven't grown back in from her molting. I kept waiting for them and looking for progress only to find a mess.

I debated about sharing this, but alas, it is what this particular blog is all about so...

Eleanore had "droppings" stuck to what short tail feathers she did have. She is not moving as light footed as she used to and her comb is flopped over to one side and faded. She looks a little bloated, but it is just the way she is holding herself.

I made some Google queries along the lines of "hen with fallen comb" and "bloated chicken". The results weren't pretty. Egg bound. Yikes! Yikes for her and yikes for me. One of the solutions for that diagnosis involved a slick finger to her vent.

I handled her quite a bit yesterday and did not feel any eggs trapped. I am pretty relieved and though Eleanore may not realize it, but she should be too!

After bathing my hen to clean up her dingleberries*, I went back to the internet to "research" a more accurate diagnosis. At this point I am convinced she is having an issue with her crop. (As I understand it the crop is like a holding cell that slowly releases food into the stomach.)  The treatments for crop ailments range from a little less disgusting to a lot less disgusting. Most of the treatments involve massage. Lucky bird.

*Get excited! Photos soon!

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