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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tired and Feathered

Have I been lazy...  ever since last Thursday afternoon when I performed my "I'm on vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation" dance. It has been mucho enjoyable.

Speaking of lazy... the Egg Count for December: 33. Given the mild weather, I don't know what to attribute the low number to.

Yesterday, for the first time since buying eggs from the grocery store, we were on E. Completely out.
Aaron chalked it up to "egg spurts", aka times when we eat a lot of eggs as opposed to times when we don't eat a lot of eggs. But then we both laughed about egg spurts. Eggspurts. Experts. Ha haha ha. (It actually took me a minute to catch on though.)

So, anyway, not a lot of eggs. But feathers? Yes. It looks like Kathy and Eleanore have been having pillow fights. The hay is peppered with feathers.  I am going to have to do some research about this. To me it doesn't seem like December/January is the best time to run around scantily clad. 

Here is Kathy, looking sleek.

Eleanore's neck doesn't look like it belongs on her body.

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