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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Childhood Wishes and Poultry Dreams

Every once in a while I will have a dream involving my chickens. But instead of just having 2 chickens in a coop where they are, I either have uncontrollable numbers of hens and chicks all over the place, running and hopping around in filth, escaping from a poorly constructed cage or other forms of poultry including ducks, turkeys... and still just running amuck. I think there may have even been a crocodile once.

In these dreams I am completely overwhelmed and feel terrible about the living conditions and dissapointed in my care taking ability.

During my waking hours I really don't feel stressed about keeping chickens. They are rather low maintenance and I feel like I do an ok job.  They are however, a bit of a reality check. If the area we lived in was zoned for other types of livestock (and Aaron was unable to talk sense into me) I could see myself as borderline animal hoarder. Not as extreme as scenarios on the news. But I think it would get out of hand pretty quickly.

Maybe all kids do this, but whenever I was at a zoo or an aquarium, I was convinced that I could take care of an otter or a dolphin and that Grandma Churchill's pool was an acceptable and comfortable place for it to live.

Today I see an animal to adopt and have similar thoughts - minus the pool. Those pigmy goats would love it in our back yard! A miniature cow! How can we live without one?! Oh, a cat. Every farm (even a pretend one) needs a cat...

Alas, that is all a lot more poop than I want to deal with.

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