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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Much ado about Egg Cartons

Remember how I mentioned that I liked to use reusable bags, and how reusable bags are reusable and thus, shouldn't need so many of them?

Same concept goes for egg cartons. Since our dealings with carton-less eggs began, people have been ever-so kindly donating cartons. Perhaps for a fill-up or maybe just to be friendly. Regardless, there is no shortage on cartons at the Myers household.

We have several kinds:
Styrofoam - not a fan, will probably just throw those away
Carboard - as long as they stay clean, they can go through many cycles
The tri-fold clear plastic ones - pretty durable and easy to clean if need be

So today I did some research with my pal Google. I said, "Google, just what can I do with all of these cartons?"
Actually I didn't say anything. I typed a couple of phrases; repurpose egg cartons, egg carton crafts.

There were caterpillars and flowers and strings of lights. My favorite idea was a seed starter. 

... should come in handy at springtime!

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