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Friday, January 20, 2012

My chickens are really messy

It is like they were raised in a barn or something.

Actually, they aren't that messy. (Nevermind if they were to step foot/talon into the house right now - oh, the judgements that shall be passed.) But keeping their water-er clean, whatever form it may be in; basin or fountain, is a bit of a chore - especially when it is 30 degrees and dark.

Unfortunately that isn't even much of an excuse seeing as how the temperature hasn't been that low for many days this winter. At least the first 29 days of it. However, I have heard several times in the last couple of days that the last winter this area has seen a similar weather pattern was in 1993.


Now, if you ain't from 'round here you probably wouldn't know about the blizzard of '93. Apparently it was a doozie. I was not yet a southerner in '93. Though I do know that Connecticut had a pretty mild winter that year.

Where was I going with this?

Birds. Dirty. Right...
I guess I will spend some time in the coop this weekend trying to "design" a watering hole that I won't have to scoop clumps of damp hay out of. And while I am there, might as well figure out what can be done to blizzard-proof. Just in case...

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