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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Letter


The End.

Just kidding. But read here why that is acceptable...

Kathy and Eleanore put their Christmas letter together in record time this year. It took a little while for me to decipher all of the words because their penmanship is pure chicken scratch.

Dear Friends and Followers,

2011 was a busy year for us. It seems like all we did was work, work, work. Day after day it seems like we have nothing to show for it. But, as we reflect on the year as a whole we realize what blessings we are truly thankful for.

It may not be the barn of our dreams but we have food (most of the time), clean water (usually) and a roof over our heads. Every couple of months we get new bedding. You know how ladies like to redecorate. Also, we made a couple of other upgrades; the sun on demand and a new water feature!

More importantly, we have our health and we hope all of you do too.

Merry Christmas.

Kathy and Eleanore

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