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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reusable Bags

I came across this image today. I think it is pretty funny even though that is not necessarily how I feel. I do take my own bags to the grocery store. Although, once in a while if have to run in for just a couple of things and don't have them with me, well, we get poo bags. You know, for picking up messes Charlie leaves in other people's yards on our walks.

Between paper and plastic bags, my preference was for paper for their structure and handiness when tossing junk mail. (We recycle too.) One time I asked the lady doing the bagging if should could "throw in some paper bags too." As in: mix it up please, don't give me all plastic. She bagged everything in plastic and laid the paper bags in the cart.

Everytime Aaron or I register for a race, we each get another bag. Anytime Aaron goes to a conference for work, he gets another bag. Right now I'd say we have upwards of 20 reusable bags. I have already donated some to GoodWill.

Here is the thing about reusable bags- they are REUSABLE. It is not necessary for them to be created in such mass quantities. Almost every grocery store has its own line of reusable bags. Small. Medium. Large. Plain. Pretty. Beadazzled. I have seen reusable bags in department stores. They can be, after all, a fashion statement.

I started carrying mine (back when we had 2 or 3) because I wouldn't have to deal with all of the plastic bags overflowing from the plastic bag sock and remembering to take the excess to the recycling center. Also, because I have a tendency to be lazy, hauling 2 heavy (or really heavy) bags once appeals to me more than 8 trips back and forth to the car and kitchen with plastic loops cutting into my skin. But that is just me.

Maybe there is a way I can reuse my reusable bags not as bags. Dismantled and fit together they would probably make a pretty nice weed blanket, or a kite, grill cover maybe... Got any ideas?

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