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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-Chicken and Misc. Thoughts

Feature equipment architecture..................Integrated probability.........................Data fusion.....................It is cruel, cruel management practice to reschedule the Thursday morning meeting on Friday morning, for Friday morning.

Why is it when I finally have a task after longing for something to do I don't want to do it?  Don't you realize how this will affect my daily routine of whatever it is I do everyday when I am bored crazy? Routines are hard to break. Especially lazy ones void of deadlines.

It is amazing how not staying relatively productive affects me. I was going pretty strong with consistent exercise. I was managing to keep some kind of order inside the house. Now, I am a seemingly out of shape hoarder. What cable TV show should I go on first?

Ok. It isn't that bad. Still... feeling useless at work doesn't give me a lot of get up and go for anything else.

As you can imagine, at this point on a Friday afternoon I am having trouble getting back in the saddle, wagon, office chair. But, I will. I came in early (earlier than the boss don't ya know) and plan to leave early. How early?  Well, not as early as I would have before I got a task.

Monday? Monday will be a different story. Oh, I already have my list of stuff to do when I get in. However, I will be in late. I have an appointment to meet the Queen(s).

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