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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

La lista de Craig

I was perusing through the Farm and Garden section again yesterday on craigslist since the first contact I called hasn't returned my call. It makes me wonder if I left my phone number or if I just assumed he had caller ID technology. Anyway, I think I came accross a winner. Next Monday folks from Poulty Hollow farm are going to be delivering all kinds of birds to the Knoxville area. Their website, http://www.poultyhollow.org/ looks pretty good. If the farm wasn't 2 hours away I would just go there and chase ducks. (I love to watch swimming birds run. Actually, I like to watch all birds run.) Two hours isn't so bad, I just don't know how well chickens travel. 

Seriously? No one wants to know the fascinating reason behind my aversion to Cauliflower?  You are missing out.

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  1. Ok I'll bite (or peck maybe?) what's wrong with cauliflower?