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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I first typed "Dissapointment".  And then I saw apointment was missing a p. And why would there be 2 s's over there? And then I saw a spell checker button. (I will start using that all of the time.) I am usually very confident in my ability to spell words correctly. However, my husband informed me that I spelled neighbor incorrectly. I maintain that even though it was wrong - I fixed it - I spelled it right, I just typed it wrong. Regardless, I would hate for that to happen again. So while looking at disappointment (the word), it became weird. You know how sometimes if you say a word over and over it just doesn't seem right? Well, that happened. Then I broke the word apart. DIS - I get it. It has a negative connotation. Appointment - like a scheduled time to meet? Why does this combination mean what it means?

To fail to satisfy expectation.

Which brings me to what I was really going to tell you about. The Roof.
Last night I decided to go ahead and take the old roof off the coop. I had expected it to be light deconstruction. The removal of the first panel of semi-rotten plywood was. Naturally, I expected the second panel of semi-rotten plywoood to follow suit. It required a little more effort due to some extra nails - bent nails. With this extra effort came the disappointment.

My expectation: The roof would not be a major supporting structure of the coop. It is a roof for Pete's sake. It is to be supported by the things underneath it.  Like the walls. Not so. As soon as I started fidgeting with the second roof panel, the front left wall (which includes a substantial portion of the framed opening) and the left wall started shaking. The top of the doorway left its relationship with the supporting lumber of the left wall, as did the nearest part of the left wall. The supporting lumber in effect, stands alone now. And I saw the ugly truth about why those relationships ended. 3 separate pieces of 4" x 4" stacked on top of each other. No signs of a lasting bond. No screws, no nails, not even wood glue.

I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that I thought that coop was worth a coat of barn red. I'm disappointed in the Fogels. (They owned the house before we did. Great yard work, beautiful flowers... not anymore, but it has been 4 years, and we're busy!) I don't know that they built it, but I know they used it, and that is the assumption I am going on. Just disappointed... I don't know what else to say right now.

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  1. Does this mean you'll be starting from scratch?