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Friday, January 28, 2011

They Grow Up so Fast

Yesterday when I was editing messing around with this picture of Eleanore, I realized she hardly had any comb*. She was just a wee little bird.
*comb -  fleshy growth atop the head of a chicken

How do you know it's really Eleanore? For a while Eleanore didn't have tail feathers due to that little thing called pecking order. Kathy has always had nice full plumage. (This is where naming your animals after people you know gets complicated.)  

So you're saying that Kathy's name used to be... Well, yes. But since the loss of Midnight Snack (I know that sounds cruel, but this is how I am coping.) Kathy and Eleanore have really bonded. 

Look at them now. Full combs, beautiful feathers. My little hens are growing up.

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