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Friday, January 14, 2011

An apology

Did you get it?  Earth, Wind and Fire/ Earth, Wind and Tired. I wasn't sure. I just asked my sister. She got it. But I was really tired yesterday, wasn't really running on all cylinders or whatever that phrase is. So, my apologies.

Speaking of my sister... She is here. This weekend is my birthday present from her. A husband-less, child-less visit. Is that too selfish?

Melis helped me collect the egg tonight. Yep, that is right. Egg. Somebody is slacking. Though if you saw the state of the coop, all fingers and wings should point to me. This is where I list my excuses:
  • It is cold 
  • It is dark
  • Ummm. Ummm... 
I need to go work on more excuses. Sorry Kathy. Sorry Eleanore.
Everybody have a nice weekend.

P.S.  I put a cracked egg in the freezer. I might just put it outside. I want to peel it and see what I get. I'll keep ya posted!

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