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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Names

I thought somewhere I had written about names for the chickens... I can't find it. I did try to name them. I thought about naming them after queens; Elizabeth, Victoria, Latifah... On Columbus day I was a total nerd and tried to name them after the ships the Nina and the Santa Maria... Anyway, nothing really stuck. Ok, well, two names did stick - for a while at least.

In the beginning of this adventure when I had 3 chickens, there was one lady who was particularly dominant. Her name rhymed with Itch. And that fateful day I returned home to find an unexpected survivor in the driveway (as a friend pointed out it was as though she had returned from the dead) she earned a name that rhymed with Please Us. 

More often than not, they are referred to as "the ladies".

Not this year. This year they shall go by Kathy and Eleanore.

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