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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animal Love

On my walk up to the coop this morning I noticed Kathy and Eleanore were hanging out on a perch in their yard. They started talking a little bit as I got closer and when I opened the access door they were on their way in to the coop to see me and wish me a good morning. That is what I like to think anyway. Maybe they are smart enough to figure out that I bring them food and water or maybe they just enjoy my company.

This scenario is probably along the same lines of how loved and adored I feel by my dog when he sets his drooling face in my lap at the same time I am eating something that entices him.

If I knew that I could buy a car and get a hug from a grateful polar bear as seen here... I'd be cruising around town in my new Nissan LEAF.

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