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Monday, January 24, 2011


Have you ever heard a chicken sneeze?

Eleanore was so thirsty the other night that she got her head right in the stream of water as I was refilling... thus up the sinuses causing her to sneeze. I never thought about birds sneezing before that happened. It's pretty easy to recognize though.

Kathy usually perches on the edge of the basin and just waits. Sometimes I have to nudge her off so I can rinse out the "chicken soup".

Here is some sideways footage to enjoy. Just the ladies in their almost natural habitat. If anyone can tell me how to rotate a video - please do. (Sorry about flipping directions on you... something about not having a dominant hand... I'll save that for another day.)

*** I was going to add another video but this one took so long to download last night and I just realized this post hasn't posted yet so there is only one sideways video for now. The other one is rotated clockwise 180 degrees though, so maybe its better this way.

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