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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hotter Water

Kathy and Eleanore are handling the cold much better than I anticipated. They actually seem to enjoy pecking at ice that forms on the sides of the water basin. I can hear them before I even get to the coop.

Tap tap tap. Peck peck peck.

The other day they didn't stop pecking when I gave them some fresh, non-frozen, water.  Usually they look at the basin, look at me, back at the basin, back at me... until I am done refilling. Sometimes Kathy (I think) perches right on the side of the basin and waits (insists) for me to fill it up.

Since it has been so cold I have been taking hot water up to the coop to try and get a couple more mintues of drinkable liquid to the ladies.

It is kind of neat to watch chickens drink. There is no slurping. No sipping. No guzzling. It looks a lot like eating. But, I guess when you have a beak for a mouth there aren't a lot of options.

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