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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Electric!

When I got home from work yesterday evening I started preparing for angle bracket installation. I grabbed some screws, a power screw driver, the angle bracket, the 3 way power splitter, and the new water fountain; then headed up the coop on foot.

Kathy and Eleanore had already put themselves to  bed in the nesting box. They were so peaceful before I so rudely turned on the lamp.

The first screw went in easily. The second screw, not so much. I am really glad no one was there to pass judgement on my creative use of the screwdriver. After the bottom screw was finally seated, I figured the hard part was behind me. Now all I had to was plug it in.

Before I left the house I toyed with the idea of wearing Aaron's headlamp/Charlie's headlight - but decided against it due to the amount of fur. I would be fine though,  the sun had not set all the way yet. And, I had the lamp anyway. Worst case, I would walk back to the lit house in the semi-dark.

What I failed to remember was that in order to plug the splitter into the timer into the really long extension cord which in turn I would plug the fountain into, I would have to disconnect power to the lamp.

I am standing in the doorway with my feet on the ground.
The chickens are over near the feeder clucking and pecking.
I unplug the lamp.
The clucking gets louder.
The splitter is in my hand, but backwards and I can't find the holes.
I hear a dog. Or maybe a coyote. Not close, but close enough.
I fumble for the prongs on the back of the timer and the extension cord receptacle.
I re-organize the parts in my hands and study the spacing.
I unplug the extension cord.
The chickens are noisy. I still hear that animal/those animals.
I wonder where the chickens are now. Are they heading for the door?
More fumbling.
I get the timer plugged into the splitter and the splitter into the extension cord.
The timer is in the middle spot.
#&%@ !
More fumbling as I move it over a spot.
I plug in the fountain.

At this point I am relieved as I have light, two chickens, and the technology to keep water from freezing.

I have one little snafu (I just looked this up to see how to spell it - had no idea it was an acronym - I'll just keep going as if I were ignorant to that fact) though. I have the extension cord coming in from the left side of the door - the hinged side. And the only suitable place for the fountain was on the back wall (right side of the door). I will have to do some cable management before the fountain is electrified so that Kathy and Eleanore are not tempted to perch on a power line between the nesting box and water.

Fried Chicken?

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  1. It's good to know others do things like that with the light :)