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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hanging it up

In an effort to maintain to cleanliness of the drinking water in the coop, I have finally purchased an angle bracket. It is my hope that this angle bracket, once installed, will suspend the full water fountain with ease.

Here is a picture of the feeder for reference. It looks pretty similar.

You might be asking yourself why I don't just hang the water up on the perch like I did the food. The answer - I don't always step up into the coop to feed and water the chickens. I just lean in from my door. (i.e. I am lazy.)  Also, when the temperature gets below freezing I have to change the water more frequently. It is difficult, when you have a beak, to drink ice.

This afternoon I will be doing some shopping for Kathy and Eleanore. First stop will be to the grocery store (Tractor Supply), and then onto Home Depot for a new bedroom suite (fresh hay).

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