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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Barn

I spotted this barn back in September when Aaron and I were in Augusta for the half IronMan. I wrote down the contact information on a business card and told myself that if I still thought about it and pined for it for a few months, then I could get it.

Of course, this photo doesn't do it justice. You can come come on over to the house and see it in person. (Just call first so I can pretend that my house is always that clean when you get there.)

I'm not real sure what the draw was for me. I was walking through a shop called Gallery on the Row while the athletes were out doing something athletic. I first came across a print of a dog on a people bed, comfortably snoozing in messed up sheets. It looked enough like spoiled Charlie on our bed to give to Aaron as an "I'm proud of you for accomplishing this incredible race and staying dedicated to all of the training associated with it - even though I sometimes complain about it" gift.

Anyway, I was headed to the counter to pay after a bit of perusing and it just got me. Something in me stirred. I'm pretty sure I let out a quiet "Oooh".  Everything about it, the matting, the frame. It was just so appealing. Even the price wasn't bad. But, alas, I am cheap and practical and made a lot of excuses not to buy it right then and there.

About a week ago I was thinking about it and decided to see if I could find that business card. I did. And quickly - which surprised me. I sent an e-mail to the gallery and to the artist (Sandra Whittaker) to tell them that I was interested in this framed piece, or a print if this one wasn't available. Sandra got back to me and let me know that it is an original painting and if I was interested she would put a SOLD sign on it so no one else could buy it. Sandra and I exchanged the necessary information and on Tuesday after work, as soon as I could get the bubble wrap and cardboard arranged haphazardly on the floor, hung up my Red Barn in Winter.

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