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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lost in Translation

Yesterday I decided to type for a while the way I hear some people speak on a regular basis. Sometimes I admire the casualness of the dialect, other times I want to - well, other times it can irritate the bajeebers out of me. (My bajeebers are much better off left alone and unprovoked.)

This past weekend somebody chuckled at my use of the word sneakers. Sneakers. Up until 6th grade, I knew no other term for that particular style of shoe. When my family moved south and I started at a new school I was really worried that I wouldn't be allowed in the gym. Tennis Shoes Only.

I pictured the white adidas shoe with the green tab at the back of the heel that I had seen my uncle wear.
I probably told my mom about my concerns and that we needed to go shopping. She helped me understand.

Occasionally I pick up a new term or phrase that I have never heard before and if it is one that I like, try to incorporate it into my daily conversations. Most of the time I fail miserably and it comes out akward and forced. But it usually gives me something to laugh about.

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