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Monday, August 29, 2011

Free for Interpretation

Vegetarian Fed Hens.

Do you think that was on the job application at the egg plant?

Circle the adjective that best describes you:

*Eating meet does not immediately disqualify you from this position...

This happens from time to time. I see a phrase and understand exactly what it means, what the intentions are, and then... for fun I see if I can give it another meaning.

For example, the stool that resides in the tool room at work that is labeled "shop." I suppose its main purpose is to convey "Hey, don't take this stool out of here, this is where it belongs." But sometimes when I pass by, maybe that seating option is telling me to "go ahead, get yourself something nice."  And that garbage can with the name Skip on the side of it? Maybe that is name of someone on the cleaning crew, or maybe, just maybe, it is encouraging people to travel with a little more spring in their step.

Never a dull moment in this noggin!

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