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Friday, August 26, 2011

The 1.00 Acre Wood

(Not to be confused with the 100 Acre Wood.)

I was looking at a property map of home sweet home today at KGIS and realized that of our 1 acre, I have probably only tread on half of it.  Since our lot is long and narrow, there is quite a bit of unexplored territory beyond the coop. "Quite a bit" as in, the other half acre.

Charlie may not have even been into the depths of the woods. When he chases rabbits he usually stops short of the tree line, puffs out his chest, raises his head, and then returns to the house with his tail high and his tongue dragging.

A friend at work has been talking a lot lately about going ginseng digging. I don't think the terrain in our neck of the woods is quite right for prolific ginseng growth, but it won't hurt to look. I just hope I don't find any snakes. Or better yet, they don't find me.

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