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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farming in Pajamas

I believe I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was trying to be a runner again. I'm getting there, but the process sure is time consuming. I neglected to tend to Kathy and Eleanore at all on Monday. They were already tucked in and sleeping by the time I got to them last night - fresh out of the shower, in my p.j.'s. Eleanore wasn't too happy with me. Usually she lets me pet her when she is groggy. Not this time. Kathy could care less. She was just eager to get some water. If they would quit filling the trough of the water-er with hay the supply would last a little longer... I tried to make it up to them though. Extra cracked corn! Mmmmmn.


  1. Matt and I havnt had cable for 9 months. We have an old fashion antenna for the basic local channels for weather and such and then we also hooked up an extra computer to the tv and watch hulu on it. Theres only like 1 cbs show that we used to watch and can no longer do so but weve actaully started to watch a lot of shows we wouldnt have otherwise. Plus we love saving the money!!

  2. What!?!? I typed this reply to the tv post!!!