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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Me: Hello?  (Why do I answer like I don't know who is calling when the caller ID says "Mom"?)
Mom: Hello. Your dog is at my house.
Me: Ok....
Mom: He came alone.
Me: Oh!
Mom: And he must have had fun because he rolled in something smelly. He is laughing right now. He is really happy.
Me: I'm sure he is.

Late Afternoon
Me: Hello? (This time the caller ID says a last name - it could be one of several people)
Unknown Caller: Who is this?
Me: Lauren. Who is this? Is this Zach?
Unknown Caller: Yeaaaaah. Haley told me if I called this number I'd get... Haley! It's Aunt Lauren... She gave me the wrong number.
Me: Well, how are you?
Zach: Good. Haley is counting (something - I didn't really understand what he said here) but she's not supposed to.
Me: Oh. How is...?
Zach: Ok I'm going to use this number now. I love you bye.

Me: Love you too. Bye.
Zach: Beep Beep Beep.     Beep.   Beep.
Me: Hey, Zach! You have to
Zach: Beep          Beep.
 I hung up.

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  1. Glad to hear that Charlie got to get out on his own and explore the world. Sorry hear he rolled in poo or some other substance... make Aaron give him a bath.