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Friday, May 20, 2011

War of the Roses

For the last week or two getting in and out of my car at home has been a really nice experience. Usually, I don't really notice anything special or take time for reflection. However,since the honeysuckle has been in bloom the hurry-up-get-to-work routine gets interrupted by a deep breath. And the ok-now-that-I'm-home-what-pile-of-clutter-should-I-stress-about fades into ohhh-its-nice-to-be-home.

The majority of the delightful scent comes from where Violet and Ginger hang out. There is so much there, the fence is hardly visible.  Some of the aroma makes its way over from the neighbors on the other side. The honeysuckle over there has to fight for existence and potency, it is up against roses. It is so nice of the neighbors to share their blooms.

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