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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If at first...

something eats your seedlings...Plant. Plant again.

Zucchini and squash are by far not my favorite vegetables (although they are closer than beets). At this point though, that is all that is in the "garden". Zucchini and squash.

Maybe you are saying to yourself, "Why does she plant these vegetables if she doesn't like them?"
There is just something gratifying about producing produce. And besides zucchini bread is delicious.

I bought another seed starter kit yesterday along with cucumber and carrot seeds. I planted them last night while watching a movie. I had no idea how small carrot seeds are! At first glance I thought I bought a packet of sawdust.

I'm struggling with this: "I had no idea how small carrot seeds are." Carrot seeds are still small even though my knowledge has changed... but using "had" suggests I should use "were". Mom, you're a linguist - got anything for me?

I suppose I could also plant fruits. It might be too late to start strawberries, but I could go crazy and try my hand at harvesting watermelon.

Ah ha! Would be. I can say "I had no idea how small carrot seeds would be!"


  1. Matt and I have done carrots in the past- you need to have really deep soft soil- ours ended up looking really funny cause it hit the hard NC clay after about 5".

    And be careful with strawberries- plant them in a pot or else they will take over your yard in a few years!

  2. Thanks for the tips.
    We have enough wild strawberries already in the yard.