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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

...and other flying, crawling insects.

A week or so ago - it may have been the same day as the encounter with the black snake - Aaron was at the coop with me and witnessed one of the hens snag a mosquito out of the air and enjoy it for a tasty snack. I have heard hens were good for that kind of thing, but had not seen it for myself.

Yesterday evening I was returning with fresh water. Before I set the basin down I noticed a bug crawling beneath some hay. I noticed one of the ladies was watching me and thought she might be interested in what I just saw so I pointed to the bug and tapped the wood floor beside it.

PECK! Peck. Peck. and that bug was gone.

That little bit of successful communication made me kind of happy.

(Which reminds me... I am no hen whisperer or chicken psychic. That whole Elton John song about plumage plucking - uncalled for. Apparently it was just a little grooming between friends. That also makes me happy.)

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