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Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home for Sale Bittersweet Sale

The third house I lived in while I was growing up is officially on the market - again. There are some attributes  that you just can't see from the photos... you have to step inside to experience it.

Walking through the front door into the little foyer feels very comforting. It is like crossing the threshold from the porch into the house changes your status. If you make it past the welcome mat once, you are welcome anytime and this is where we will greet you. Unless of course we are already on the porch waiting for your arrival.

Even before I was commissioned for light demolition in preparation for a renovation, I could always feel a sense of history and longevity to the house. When we found newspapers from the late 1800's insulating the walls the history came more alive. The feeling of longevity may be that my dad was making it stronger and more durable with each renovation. It had been there at least one hundred years before we moved in, so why not one hundred more?

You have to be standing at the kitchen sink (which usually isn't that much fun) to appreciate how lucky you are to be washing the dishes surrounded by mountains.

The field beside the house is big enough to make you feel small. Small enough to recognize how much sky there is, even just in this little area. And although there isn't a welcome mat, the feeling is similar to the foyer. If you make it into the field - for a party, to walk your dog, to ride go-carts, whatever it is - if you aren't stopped at the property line (or questioned about your presence) consider yourself a friend and enjoy your time.

It was a little sad to clean out the last of my belongings, but I realized that the town wasn't going anywhere. The mountains weren't going to dissappear. I would still have my mom, my dad, my sister. The memories of our pets...  Change can be good.

Check out the house!

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