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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picky Eater or Super Power?

Even though I enjoy growing vegetables, I don't actually enjoy eating vegetables all that much. Especially the cruciferous ones like broccoli and cauliflower - but you might remember that.

I was looking for recipes involving vegetables for people that don't like them and came across an article from Web MD. (It was the first one I have ever read that didn't immediately make me a hypochondriac.) It said that some people, about 25% of the population, are super tasters. A super taster has more sensitive taste buds and is more sensitive to the bitterness of many veggies. It all makes sense now.

I must have other super senses too. I think I would fall in the Super Smeller and Super Hear-er categories. (SmellER not SmellY, Aaron) 

For instance, just the other day I asked a coworker if another coworker had been in the lab earlier. He said he didn't know and asked why. I replied "Oh, I can just smell him." Lo and behold, that other guy had been in and out of the lab before anyone else got in.

The Super Hear-er is kind of tricky. I often have a hard time hearing/understanding what people say, but if their nose is whistling or they are chewing on something, I can tell from a mile away. (Not really a blessing. Not at all.)

Anyway, back to the tasting topic... I have often wondered if people tasted the same (as in the taste buds transmit the same flavors to the brain). It just never made sense to me that someone could love the taste of say... blueberries, but someone else could hate it.  Now, I know. People do not taste the same. (Honestly I have never wondered in the cannibalistic manner.)

So, thanks Web MD.

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