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Monday, April 25, 2011

Creepy Crawlies

While Aaron and I were babysitting for our newest niece on Friday, we decided to take her up to the chicken coop to see the birds. She walked right up to the poultry wire - fearless. I collected the eggs and showed them to her. She wanted to hold both of them. So I let her. One in one hand, one in the other and immediately started clapping them together.

On our way back down to the house I let out a "Hooahahewewewewoyoyoy!" My arms flailing, my knees high. And then Aaron saw it and let out a more manly "Uhhhh uuhhh". His knees high. 

We think it was a black snake.

Saturday on my way back to the chickens my eyes were wide and scanning the yard. I tip toed back to the garden checking where my foot would land next and then walked comfortably back to the house.

Yesterday, my case of the willies almost over with, I opened the shed door and "Plop!" Something wriggly fell from above and dropped near my feet. I made another noise and scanned the ground, unsure if I should move... then I saw the salamander, started breathing again and let out a nervous laugh.

I'll be inside on the couch for the rest of the spring and summer if anybody needs me.

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