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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mushroom Hunting

I have been hearing people at work talk about going hunting for mushrooms. Not just any mushroom though, morel mushrooms. There is only a couple week window where they are in season. I kept hearing how these morels are great fried in cornmeal. (Does anything really taste bad if it has been fried in cornmeal?)

About a week ago Charlie and I were out for a walk but we weren't on our usual route. While Charlie was across the road sniffing the remains of something I saw 15 or 20 mushrooms that looked like this:
Pretty crazy looking, huh? Before I picked them I checked to make sure I wasn't going to get into something poisonous and get yet another skin rash. I brought my bounty in to work Monday morning. Today, I ate one that had been fried in cornmeal. It is a lot less intimidating in coated pieces. (Kind of like calamari.)

Was it good? - It wasn't bad
Tastes like? - Well, fried cornmeal.
Similar to...? - any meaty mushroom fried in cornmeal.

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