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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Snowman Plate

Last year, around this time of the season, we acquired a plate full of edible goodies.
The plate is just the right size to reside in a stack of our everyday dishes.
It is hardly noticeable...

 until there are no more clean plates of that size...
and the snowman rears his jolly face and taunts my housekeeping abilities.

"It isn't winter yet," he says. "Look outside, the grass is growing and the trees are green. You should really do the dishes more often."
"Still not time! Can't you see the leaves have just started to change colors and fall? What are you so busy doing that you have run out of clean plates?"

Finally, it is cold and has snowed.

"Yes, now it is time. Allow me to be seasonably cute and hold your waffles."

So we are friends again, the snowman and me.

At least until the first signs of Spring.

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